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California State Court System

Resources for practice in California state courts:

Federal Court System in California

Click >here< to see the Geographic Boundaries for United States Courts of Appeals and United States District Courts.

Resources for practice in federal courts:

California State Government

The following is an organizational chart for the branches of the State of California. Many of the agencies which people routinely access are under the "Executive Branch" and "Governor's Office".

Under the leadership of the Governor, the executive branch is responsible for administering and enforcing the laws of California. The Governor has the power to fill vacancies in judiciary offices as well as other state offices.

Agencies under the direction of a secretary that report directly to the Governor are cabinet-level agencies.

The judicial branch of government is charged with interpreting the laws of the State of California. It provides for the orderly settlement of disputes between parties in controversy, determines the guilt or innocence of those accused of violating laws, and protects the rights of individuals. The head of the judicial branch is the Chief Justice of California.

The Legislative Branch of the California State Government is composed of the State Assembly, the State Senate, and several other departments. This branch holds the principle lawmaking powers of the state.

The Government of the United States of America

The following is an organizational list for the United States government.

Click >here< for a graphical org chart of the United States Government.





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