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Are You Owed Money?


We go after the money...we collect the debt!

Let Spiwak & Iezza recover the money for you. Give us a call today!

Spiwak & Iezza, LLP is an extremely aggressive collection law firm that believes in taking action against debtors quickly and pushing through to final resolution without delay.

Our firm is highly specialized in the area of commercial collection litigation with primary emphasis on the representation of creditors. This representation runs the gamut of matters involving delinquent accounts where an individual or business is unwilling or unable to pay, to matters in the Bankruptcy Courts, to working with the General Counsel of corporate legal departments who utilize our firm's debt collection expertise. We have combined this specialization with high tech computer equipment for a law firm that is designed to collect the greatest recovery in the shortest amount of time.

Another aspect of our firm that has helped us to stand out as industry leaders, has been our ability to blend our professional expertise as lawyers with the aggressiveness of seasoned collectors. We are not your typical lawyers.

Whereas many lawyers are ineffective because they get caught up in costly and unnecessary esoteric legal battles, we never lose sight of our goal which is to collect the money!

We are a full service law firm from the demand letter stage through to asset investigation and complex judgment execution.

NEFA Funding Symposium 2015

It was great to meet you all at the NEFA Symposium last week. If we did not have the chance to talk last week, we would welcome your call or email to discuss how we can assist your company with its legal needs in California. Spiwak & Iezza can help your company quickly and efficiently recover on troubled and defaulted leases and finance agreements. We also can represent your interests in bankruptcy cases and can consult on contract issues, including the purchase and sale of single transactions and portfolios.

Please visit our website or give us a call to learn more about how our firm can help your company's bottom line.

Has a client filed for Bankruptcy?


If you have a client who has filed for bankruptcy, you must act swiftly in order to preserve your rights to repayment.

Spiwak & Iezza can make sure that you maximize your chances for recovery in the bankruptcy. Call us today!





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